GED Program

Review and Practice of Language Arts , Math, Social Studies and Science

ACT Preparation

Instruction, Practice for English, Reading Art, Math, Science, and Optional Writing

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Basic strategies to create, edit, save , clip art, brochure, and newsletter

Power Point Presentation

Hand-on activities to create a power presentation

Resume Writing & Interviewing strategies and Dress for Success

Students will create a basic resume using chronological order..etc

Mentoring Program

Students will meet in a supervised setting with two or more adults to work on character education and educational goals

After-School Program in at Various Schools

Intervention, Diagnostic, Instruction and Practice in Reading Comprehension, Word Study and Writing for ISAT

After School Athletic Programs

(Flag Football, Lacrosse, Track, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Ice Hockey and Softball)
Students will learn the how to play, sportsmanship, and teamwork to develop their self-esteem and confidence in a team sport

Scholarships and Colleges Trips

Visit a Variety of Colleges with parents, teachers and volunteers to provide students with choices in their educational adventure and career


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