About Us

Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing literacy, technology, mathematical skills, ACT College Preparation, GED Preparation,, mentoring, resume writing, interviewing techniques, sports activities and classes to youth between the ages of 7-21 to obtain knowledge and skills to compete in a global society.

Vision Statement

We are part of the solution in allowing children in our community to tap into their potential through education to gain leverage for a productive and contributing factor in the twenty-first century's community, city, state and/or world.
Our Program Consists of:
  • Balanced Literacy Program (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Writing)
  • Math Concepts (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus)
  • Computer/Technology Classes (PowerPoint Presentations, Research Project, Excel, and Microsoft Word)
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Strategies
  • Counseling with Social Skills and Conflict Resolutions
  • GED Preparation, and Sport Activities
  • Mentoring Program, Music and Sport Program
  • Join Literacy to Succeed and Beyond, NFP to help promote, support, and encourage our youth to integrate and achieve in a global society through literacy, education, and character development.


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